Peak Coffee Nespresso Coffee Machine

At Peak Coffee, we offer an easy to use, modern looking Nespresso coffee machine – perfect for your home or business. Whether you have family and friends round to your home, or colleagues in the office, we are sure that our Nespresso compatible coffee machine will impress. Make you and your guests a professional, barista quality coffee in minutes – and for a fraction of the price.

Our compact, lightweight alternative to the Nespresso coffee machines are ideal for business use, and are especially popular amongst cafes/ coffee shops, restaurants and offices – but we believe our machine is suitable for any business environment. There is nothing more effective for boosting energy and motivation than a cup of coffee- especially when it has the perfect Peak Coffee Fairtrade blend.

We can guarantee that our coffee machine will give you a professional, barista style coffee each and every time, as our Nespresso machine is made with a patented extraction system – meaning it applies the perfect pressure to create an outstanding cup of coffee. The quality made construction of the machine makes it easy to use, with a 20 bar Italian pump and an adjustable volume control for Lungo and Espresso shots.

Our Nespresso Compatible Coffee Machine enables you to try our delicious range of Nespresso compatible capsules, so purchase yours today so you don’t miss out on trying our range of unique Fairtrade blends.

We can offer the perfect Nespresso machine you want for the best price, get in contact today for more information.

Worried that the capsules will cost too much? We offer Nespresso compatible Fairtrade capsules, meaning you can get a high-quality cup of coffee for a fraction of the price of the official Nespresso capsules. In fact, our capsules work out at just 21p per capsule, and that’s with a free machine included!

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Are you ready to invest in a coffee machine which will change the way you drink coffee? Email us today at to find out how our Nespresso coffee machines can benefit your home or business.