Peak Coffee 100% Fairtrade Nespresso Compatible Capsules

Nespresso compatible capsulesWe have created unique blends and flavours for our Nespresso compatible capsules, to use along with your Nespresso coffee machine. Our coffee capsules are an ideal alternative to expensive high-street coffee, and can be made for a fraction of the price.

A luxurious treat for any coffee lover, these Peak Coffee Fairtrade coffee capsules ensure an exquisite burst of flavour with every sip. Compatible with Nespresso® machines.

We also ensure that our Nespresso compatible capsules are 100% Fairtrade meaning they are ethnically farmed from Fairtrade certified suppliers using only the finest, sustainably grown coffee beans. It also ensures that the farmers get a fair price for the produce. A win-win!

We go above and beyond to ensure we are supplying customers with the highest quality Nespresso compatible capsules. All our capsules are selected by one of the countries top Q Grader’s and a World Barista Judge, which is why we are so confident that our customers will love our products. The coffee we supply is blended, ground and packed at one of the UK’s leading coffee roasters.

Capsule and coffee beansOur capsules stay fresh for longer, using the latest patented capsule design. We use a PBT compound which (unlike polypropylene capsules) has almost identical oxygen barrier properties to aluminium, ensuring the ultimate freshness possible. Not only does this give our capsules great taste for longer, it will also save you money.

Heard horror stories about how coffee capsules are having a negative impact on the environment? When buying your capsules from us at Peak Coffee you don’t need to worry! Our Nespresso coffee capsules are recyclable and we are currently investing in developing a 100% compostable capsule.

Ready to order your first pack? Our capsules are a great alternative to the official Nespresso, as they are not only better value for money, but we also offer unique Fairtrade blends you won’t find elsewhere; including Brazilian Arabica Dark Roast; Organic Sumatra Mandheling Single Origin; Latin American Medium Roast and Columbian Huila Single Origin – to name just a few. What makes us different is our passion for coffee, meaning we know how to create the perfect blends that our customers will love.

We believe we offer the best Fairtrade Nespresso coffee capsules, coming in mixed packs of 20 capsules, meaning altogether you are getting 100 capsules for £23.95.

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